Canada is Poised to Re-legalize Cannabis

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Canada is poised to re-legalize Cannabis come July 1, 2018. After years of misunderstanding the medicinal compounds of Cannabis, Canada has been preparing in the background. Local news sources have dedicated columns to educate Canadians about the impact of these new laws.


Some provinces in Canada are mandating government run dispensaries, the others will allow some privatized locations under the guise of the Cannabis Act. More federal funds are now being allocated to stricter border control and education kits for parents to discuss with the kids.


This seed carries a spectrum of healing properties that could repair a nation, a country, a brain that was once broken. However, it is up to the Cannabis Community in Canada to set a standard by sharing information with progressive medical professionals. If there will be any positive changes in the medical system, it will be coming from the patients who have become the teachers.


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