Neuro Brainiac Contributors

Contributors are Patients, Caregivers, Supporters, 420 family, who contribute to the wellness of this site as fellow Brainiacs. May we come together under the Access to Information Act in order to help overwhelmed families of Brain Trauma today. 

We all have experience advocating for our own mental heath by addressing our depression, anxiety, FTD, ALZ, PTSD, TBI, Diabetes, Grief, Trauma from Abuse, just to name a few, through this study network aka each other. We are honest people with honest stories of resilience and the power to change our own lives through research, study and advocacy. 

Real Neuro Heroes Around The World

Countries Represented: Canada, Scotland UK, USA & more to come…

(Identities have been hidden to protect medical patients & caregivers)


“Lady G” – Neurodegenerative Disease Patient & CBD Lifestyle Coach
Award-Winning Canna Warrior (volunteer), Music Producer & Aboriginal Healer.
Role: Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) aka Young Alzheimer’s Patient (ALZ)
Her story is coming soon!

Super BRAINIAC Woman



“Mega Frequency Man”
Abilities: Music Producer, Videographer & Branding Specialist.
Role: Caregiver 

Mega Frequency Man

Ever lasting Initials (For Privacy) of all the people who have contributed to my mission…You know who you are!

FG, HG, Grandpa & H, PW, KJ, GN, LG, Snid, Bode, DW, DobeW, GrandpaT, TMD, DB, BW, DrD, AP, MG, MM, AB, CO, The list grows on…


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